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  • A great poem is a fountain forever overflowing with the waters of wisdom and delight (P.B.Shelley, British poet)
    伟大的诗篇即是永远喷出智慧和欢欣之水的喷泉。(英国诗人 雪莱 P B)
  • Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.
  • All shall be well, Jack shall have Jill. 有情人终成眷属。
  • Sloth like rust , consumes faster than labor wears .(Benjamin Franklin , American president) 懒惰像生锈一样,比操劳更能消耗身体。 (美国总统 富兰克林. B.)
  • He that can read an meditate will not find his evenings long or life tedious.
  • Energy and persistence conquer all things.能量加毅力可以征服一切。—— Benjamin Franklin富兰克林
  • The law cannot make all men equal, but they are all equal before the law. (Frederick Pollck ,British jurist) 
    法律不能使人人平等,但是在法律面前人人是平等的。(英国法学家 波洛克 F)
  • You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.”- John Mayer。
  • Boys,you must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all.
  • Don't take people's care for granted.No matter how much they love you, people get tired eventually.不要把别人的关心当成理所当然。不管他有多爱你,最终也会有疲惫的一天。
  • Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet . (Jean Jacques Rousseau , French thinker) 
    忍耐是痛苦的,但它的果实是甜蜜的。 (法国思想家 卢梭. J. J.)
  • Let bygones be bygones.过去的就让它过去吧。
  • Tired heart is always hovering between adhering to and giving up, indecisive. Trouble is that memory is good, the mind should not mind will stay in memory.
  • Love is the active concern for the life and the growth of that which we love.
  • “Business, more than any other occupation, is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight.”「商业更胜于其它行业,是不断的处理未来,不断的盘算,直觉性的行使先见之明。」—— Henry R. Luce, Publisher 亨利·鲁斯
  • Wisdom is more precious than wealth.
  • As empty vessels make the loudest sound, so they that have least wit are the greatest babblers. (Plato , Ancient Greek Philosopher) 
    正像空容器发出的声音最大,智力最低者最善于唠叨不休。(古希腊哲学家 柏拉图)
  • However mean your life is, meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it hard names.
  • The paramount duty of Congress is to stop deficiencies by the restoration of that protective legislation which has always been the firmst prop of the Treasury. (William Mckinley, American president) 
    国会的最高职责是恢复始终是国家财政最坚实支柱的保护性立法,以制止财政赤字。(美国总统 科金利.W.)
  • Storms make trees take deeper roots.风暴使树木深深扎根。
  • Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind. (william shakewspeare British dramalist) 
    如果送礼的人不是出于真心,再贵重的礼物也会失去它的价值。(英国剧作家 莎 士比亚. W)
  • It is the tears of the earth that keep here smiles in bloom.
  • Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it.
  • Not to see how much a person, but a person can give you much; not to see a person is good, but see him right for you. Find a good to you, what is most important.不是看一个人有多少,而是看一个人能给你多少;不是看一个人有多好,而是看他对你多好。找个对你好的,才是最重要的。
  • What is language for?some people seem to think it's for practicing grammar rules and learning lists of words---the longer the words the better.that's wrong.language is for the exchange of ideas,for communication.
  • Real knowledge, like everything else of value, is not to be obtained easily,it must be worked for, studied for, thought for, and more than all, must be prayed for.——Thomas Arnold
  • A man may lead a horse to the water, but he cannot make it drink.一个人可以把马带到河边,但他不能令它饮水。 —— Heywood 希伍德
  • To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud word,but in great deeds.要称赞自己,并向全世界展现这个事实,不是高调的宣布,而是用行动表明。
  • Knowledge is power.——Bacon
  • Prosperity doth best discover vice, but adversity doth discover virtue.