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  • 救出哪幅画?
    A newspaper organized a contest for the best answer to the question: "If a fire broke out in the Louvre, and if you could only save one painting, which one would you carry out?"
    The winning reply was: "The one nearest the exit."
  • You May Select可以选择
    The husband complained that his wife always cooked the same dish.  
    One day, the husband got home and asked his wife, "My dear, what will we eat today?" 
    The wife said, "You may select the dish today."   
    The husband was very glad and asked, "Which dishes are there today?"   
    "The others?"   
    "Then how to select?"   
    "Eat or not eat!" the wife said.
    妻子回答:“今天你可以选择。” 丈夫感到非常高兴,又问:“都有哪些菜呢?”   
  • 喂狗 For the Dog
    The family seated in a restaurant had finished their dinner when Father Called over the waiter.
    "My son has left quite a lot of meat on his plate," explained Father, "Could you give me a bag so that I can take it home for the dog?"
      "Gosh, Dad!" exclaimed the excited boy. "Have we got a dog then?"
  • 年长者阶层
    During the doctor's periodic visit to my elderly mother, I told him that Mother would be celebrating her 98th birthday in few days. Delighted by the news, he bent down and gave her a kiss for the occasion. He then announced that he, too, would be celebrating a birthday in few days and asked for a kiss in return.When he left, my mother shook her head in disgust. "Can you imagine, " she said. "Seventy dollars and I had to kiss him too!医生按期来探视我的老母。我告诉他母亲不几天就要庆祝她98岁的生日了。医生听了也很高兴,为此,他弯下腰来亲了她一下。然后他说不几天他也要庆祝自己的生日,并要求她还他一个吻。医生走后,我母亲厌恶地摇摇头。“你能想象吗,”她说,“付了他70元,我还得亲他!”
  • 哪有人能弯腰弯那么低的
    Our manager at the restaurant where I worked was a much beloved, jovial man. But there was one subject you didn't dare discuss in front of him -- his height. or, should I say, his lack of it.One day, he stormed through the door and announced angrily, "Someone just picked my pocket!" Most of my fellow waitresses and I were speechless, except for the one who blurted out, "How could anyone stoop so low?"
  • 勇敢的猪的下场
    I lived in DC when I was young, and dad used to take us on weekend trips south into the Carolina, so that we could see what "real life" was like. He’d just drive along the road for a while, and then pull over at some farm and start talking to the people there.
    Dad was chatting up a farmer’s wife once,when I discovered this pig...
    It was a nice pig. But it only had three legs. The right back leg was wooden! Well, I was as curious as could be, so I asked the farmer:"Excuse me, sir. Why does your pig have a wooden leg?"
    "Well, boy. That is a courageous pig. The wife and me were asleep in the house one night, when that pig came running in and woke us up. The whole place was ablaze. We just got out alive."
    "And the pig got its leg burned up in the fire?"
    "Nope. Pig got out just fine. Matter of fact, he even went back in and saved the kids."
    "Then why does the pig have a wooden leg?"
    "I told you, boy. That is a BRAVE pig! A heroic pig! That pig saved our lives!"
    "Yes, sir. But why does he have a wooden leg!"
    "Boy, a pig like that, you don’t eat all in one sitting!"